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Must-Visit Street & Outdoor Markets In Granada

If you’re looking to dive into the vibrant shopping scene of Granada, the street and outdoor markets are the perfect places to start. They offer a unique shopping experience that allows you to soak up the city’s amazing atmosphere while scoring great deals.

In the heart of Granada, you’ll find Alcaiceria. This picturesque market is a modern fable of the ancient Moorish silk market and is perfect for a leisurely stroll as you explore the narrow, winding streets filled with an array of souvenirs, textiles, local crafts and handmade items. Make sure you have ample time as it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of this historic bazaar. It’s open every day from morning until late evening.

One charming Granada street market is Zoco del Salon. It pops up once a month, is an all-day affair when it’s there, and is a great place to find a wide range of arts and crafts, as well as local foods that’ll tantalize your taste buds.

Make your way to the Cartuja Market (also known as Marcha verde) in the Poligono Almanjayar area. It takes place Sunday mornings, and you can find clothes, shoes, fruits, and many more items. It’s a great place to get in touch with locals and discover the rhythm of Granada life.

As you can see Granada’s street and outdoor markets offer an authentic, lively shopping experience that not only allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture but also brings you closer to the people who bring this charming city to life. If you’ve got something specific that you’re looking for, or just want a list of the top markets, we’ve got your back.

Famous Markets in Granada

Want to stick to just the most famous markets in the city? These are the ones to put on your itinerary.


The Alcaicería market, also known as Granada’s Grand Bazaar, is by far the most famous and popular tourist market in Granada. The market used to be the original Moorish silk market. Today, you can find a wide variety of souvenirs, crafts, local olive oil and spices while wandering its narrow streets. This open-air market is definitely one of the highlights of Granada and a must-visit spot.

Medieval Market

Each summer, Granada takes a step back in time with its Medieval Market. In the old part of the city, you can find various artisans selling handcrafted jewelry, clothes, and decorative items, along with live performances and workshops. The market is held on the Plaza de Bib-Rambla,typically in July.

Plaza Larga Market

Another market you won’t want to miss in Granada is the Plaza Larga Market, located in the historic Albaicín neighborhood. Full of colorful stalls, this market offers food, clothes, and unique accessories. You can find some stalls at the Plaza Larga most mornings, but the real market pops up on Saturdays.

Christmas Market

When December rolls around, Granada gets into the festive spirit with its Christmas Market. Spread across the city, the market features stalls selling seasonal decorations, gifts, and tasty treats. It’s an ideal spot to pick up a few unique souvenirs for your loved ones while soaking up the holiday atmosphere.

Crafts and Souvenirs

Handmade Leather Goods

When you’re browsing markets in Granada, don’t miss the chance to pick up some top-notch handmade leather goods. You’ll find everything from wallets to handbags, belts, and shoes made by local artisans. Keep an eye out for locally made gifts and fashion accessories in markets such as Zoco del Salonand the famous Alcaicería market in the historic heart of the city.

Pottery and Artifacts

Granada boasts a rich tradition of pottery and artifacts. As you explore the city’s markets, you’ll likely come across intricately crafted ceramics and pottery pieces. Some popular items include vases, bowls, tableware and decorative items for the home.


Keep an eye out for local jewelry treasures as you hit up Granada’s street markets. At places like the Alcaicería and Zoco del Salon, you can find a range of beautiful jewelry items – from traditional pieces to modern and unique designs. From intricate gemstone encrusted rings to elegant silver chain necklaces, there’s something for everyone.

Arabic Fabrics

Granada’s historical Arab-Islamic era left a striking influence on the city’s arts and crafts. While wandering through the colorful alleyways of the Alcaicería market and other outdoor bazaars, you’ll come across an assortment of stunning Arabic fabrics. Think gorgeous tapestries, silken scarves, and ornate upholstery. These textiles make amazing souvenirs or gifts, representing the unique blend of cultures in Granada.

Food Markets in Granada

When visiting Granada, you’ll find a variety of food markets in the city offering fresh products and delightful bites to enjoy.

Meat and Seafood

Granada’s food markets are known for their top-quality meat and seafood products, and you’ll find these (often caught) and sold by local vendors at their outdoor markets. Don’t forget to chat up the sellers, grab some cooking tips, and even snag a few samples along the way!

Bread and Cheese

A trip to Granada would be incomplete without indulging in some mouthwatering bread and cheese. The various food markets of the city are stocked with crusty loaves, flaky pastries, and a wide variety of cheeses ranging from tangy goat’s milk to traditional Spanish Manchego. Make sure to sample different types as you visit each stall.

Fruits and Vegetables

Finding fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in Granada is a breeze thanks to the city’s many food markets. These vibrant stalls will offer you a cornucopia of locally grown produce, from juicy oranges to earthy artichokes. Keep an eye out for seasonal specialties to truly savor the region’s diverse flavors.

Wine and Beer

No Spanish market experience would be complete without stopping by a wine or beer stall. Granada’s food markets typically feature a quality selection of wines at reasonable prices, including local reds, whites, and even sparkling cavas. You’ll also find artisanal and craft beers from local breweries and nearby regions. Don’t hesitate to ask the vendors for recommendations based on your preference.

Tapas Bars

After all that shopping, treat yourself to some delicious tapas at one of the many bars surrounding Granada’s food markets. These bustling eateries dish up small plates packed with Mediterranean flavors, perfect for pairing with your newly purchased wine or beer. Granada is famous for offering free tapas with a drink purchase, giving you one more reason to belly up to the bar and savor the local cuisine.

Organic and Farmer’s Markets


If you’re in Granada and looking for some fresh, organic products, Ecomercado is the place to check out. This outdoor farmers market is known for offering a fantastic selection of organic and local products, from fruits and veggies to cheeses, bread, and eco-friendly cosmetic items. You’ll definitely love the opportunity to chat with local producers and learn about the region’s sustainable farming practices.

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