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Best Street & Outdoor Markets In London

Whether you’re hunting for antique treasures, on the prowl for street food that sends your taste buds on a global expedition, taking Insta pics of the Tower Bridge, or simply people-watching while sipping a Pimm’s, London’s street and outdoor markets offer a smorgasbord of experiences. These aren’t just places to shop; they’re veritable cultural hubs that showcase the city’s soul and diversity. Camden’s alternative vibe? Check. Portobello Road’s antique charm? You got it. Borough Market’s gastronomic extravaganza? It’s a feast you won’t forget.

So lace up those comfy shoes, clear some space on your phone for a boatload of photos, and make sure your haggling skills are up to snuff. We’re about to navigate the labyrinthine aisles of London’s most iconic markets, where every stall has a story, and every find is a potential treasure. 

Quick Look at the Best London Street Markets

If you’re looking to experience London’s vibrant atmosphere, street and outdoor markets should be at the top of your list. These lively hubs are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat, finding unique souvenirs, and exploring local culture.

Portobello Road Market is the go-to spot for antique lovers. Located in the trendy Notting Hill neighborhood, this bustling Saturday market boasts over 1,000 stalls selling antiques and collectibles. Plus, you might recognize it from the movie Notting Hill.

Columbia Road Flower Market is a plant enthusiast’s paradise, situated just a stone’s throw from the picturesque cobbled streets of Shoreditch. Each Sunday, traders line the street with a stunning array of flowers, herbs, shrubs, and more. Don’t forget to stop off at the nearby independent shops and cafes while you’re there.

Foodies should make a beeline for open-air Borough Market, the go-to spot for a wide variety of foods. With its glass ceiling and neighbor of Southwark Cathedral, it may have the best view of any market on our list.

London’s street and outdoor markets are a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. So, next time you’re in town, be sure to explore these lively hubs and soak up the atmosphere.

Browse Food and Produce Markets

If you’re a foodie or simply love exploring flavors, London’s got plenty of street food and outdoor markets. The city boasts a vibrant scene of food markets, each with their unique atmosphere, local produce, and delectable cuisines.

Borough Market is the absolute must-do open-air market for food lovers. It’s one of the oldest food markets around, dating back to the 13th century. You’ll find over 100 stalls offering mouthwatering dishes from around the world: Indian curry, British pies, Spanish paella, and more. Don’t forget to pick up fresh fruit and veg for that perfect, healthy ingredient in your homemade meals.

Another great option to satisfy your gastronomic desires is Brixton Market. Here, you’ll experience the heart of Brixton’s culinary scene. While it’s undergone several transformations in the past decade, it remains a top choice if you’re looking for diverse foods to shop or eat on-the-go.

London Street Food Markets

Borough Market

Borough Market is the go-to spot when you think of food markets in London. This famous outdoor market offers an incredible selection of fresh produce and street food, with vendors serving up scrumptious dishes from around the globe. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite, sample diverse flavors and watch the bustling atmosphere of food lovers. Be sure to check out some standout food stalls while you’re there to get the full experience.

Berwick Street Market

Another gem tucked in the Soho neighborhood is Berwick Street Market. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and tasty street food, exploring this outdoor market promises a true London experience. The market is open Monday to Saturday, giving you plenty of chances to swing by and satisfy your food cravings. From international delicacies to finger-lickin’ snacks, there’s something for everyone at this lively destination.

Brixton Market

Nestled in the heart of South London, the Brixton Market is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, and this diversity shines brightly in its culinary offerings. From mouth-watering Afro-Caribbean dishes to zesty Asian street food, there’s a tantalizing treat around every corner. Bring your appetite and dive right in!

Explore Craft and Antique Markets

When it comes to finding unique and one-of-a-kind items, London’s craft and antique markets are a treasure trove for those who love to explore. If you’re a fan of arts and crafts, antiques, lace, or artwork, these markets are a must-visit during your trip to the city. Let’s dive into some classic spots you can check out while you’re there.

Greenwich Market (covered, but open-air) is a bustling spot, known for its antiques and crafts. Established in the 1700s, this market boasts a fascinating history and a diverse array of vendors. Expect to find everything from vintage collectibles to handmade crafts, making it an ideal place to pick up unique souvenirs and gifts.

If you’re looking for a charming and more intimate market experience, Camden Passage is the spot for you. This picturesque market, nestled in the heart of Islington, offers an excellent selection of antique and vintage shops along with artisan craft stalls. Don’t forget to check out the quaint cafés and eateries nearby for a well-deserved break during your shopping spree.

For art aficionados, Bermondsey Square Antiques Market has an impressive collection of antique and vintage art, ensuring you’ll find something special for your collection or home. With its relaxed atmosphere and friendly vendors, Bermondsey Square is the ideal place to spend your Friday, looking for that perfect piece of art.

Famous Markets and Their Wide Range of Specialties

Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market is a true gem, offering a wide range of arts, crafts, food, and antiques. Head here on weekends to browse stalls filled with unique handmade items, vintage treasures, and delicious food from around the world. Don’t forget to try the street food at this vintage market, it’s a must!

Columbia Road Flower Market

Step into a world of vibrant color and beautiful flora at the Columbia Road Flower Market. Open only on Sundays, it’s the perfect spot for green thumbs or those who simply love flowers. You’ll find everything from potted plants to stunning bouquets, so why not grab a bunch for your home?

Portobello Road Market

Dubbed the world’s largest antique market, Portobello Road Market is famous for its Saturday antiques fair, with over 1,000 stalls to discover. Movie buffs may recognize it as the backdrop for the film Notting Hill. Alongside antiques, you’ll find vintage clothing, retro homeware, and delicious street food.

Broadway Market

Located in the heart of Hackney, Broadway Market is a bustling hotspot for foodies. Open on Saturdays, you can indulge in a smorgasbord of tasty treats, including artisan baked goods, gourmet cheeses, and street food from around the world. Don’t miss the vintage clothing and accessories on offer.

Brixton Village Market

Brixton Village Market, a refreshing street market tucked away on Electric Avenue in South London, features a diverse collection of shops, eateries, and bars. Discover unique street food options and the vibrant music scene, making Brixton Village a go-to destination for food lovers and culture vultures.

Mercato Metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano, an Italian-inspired market in the heart of London, is ideal for anyone craving authentic and delicious Italian cuisine. Expect fresh pasta, artisanal pizza, and unique street food. The market also boasts a brewery, a gin distillery, and live music events.

Seven Dials Market

Situated in the heart of Covent Garden, Seven Dials Market is a food lover’s paradise, with food stalls offering cuisine from around the globe. From mouth-watering burgers to tasty vegan options, there’s something for everyone. The market is also home to a few unique shops and bars.

Victoria Park Market

Nestled in the leafy surroundings of Victoria Park, this Sunday market is a foodie’s dream. With a focus on high-quality local produce, expect to find fresh vegetables, artisan breads, homemade jams, and more. Plus, there’s a selection of tempting street food options to enjoy while you browse.

Fashion and Clothing Markets

London street markets are a fantastic place to update your wardrobe. From brand new labels to thrifty vintage finds, you’ve got endless options to choose from.

Old Spitalfields Market

You can’t miss Old Spitalfields Market. This gem in the heart of East London offers a great mix of clothing, accessories, and vintage items. It’s the perfect spot to find that unique piece for your collection.

Greenwich Market

Fancy some vintage fashion? Head down to Greenwich Market. This historic market has a great selection of vintage clothes, accessories, and quirky items that you’ll love. It’s a great place to discover some hidden treasures and show off your unique style.

Camden Market

For funky clothes and original gifts from independent designers, make your way to Camden Market. With over 100,000 visitors every weekend, it’s one of London’s top attractions for good reason. Dive into this vibrant market to find some seriously cool threads at affordable prices.

Brick Lane Market

Looking for affordable and stylish clothes? Brick Lane Market is the place to be. Stroll through the vibrant stalls and shop for the latest trends, vintage clothing, and accessories. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding shops, too—there’s always something new to discover!

Broadway Market

Located in Hackney, Broadway Market is another must-visit shopping destination on Saturdays and Sundays. This lively market offers a diverse range of clothing, accessories, and unique crafts. It’s an excellent spot to find fashionable pieces that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Discover Artistic Street Markets

If you’re looking to explore some artistic street markets in London, you’re in for a treat. These markets are an absolute haven for art, design, jewelry, and unique gifts enthusiasts. So let’s dive right into a few must-visit spots where you can find handmade jewelry, intriguing designs, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Camden Market is a vibrant and eclectic hub in North London that’s perfect for finding unique and handmade items. As you stroll through its maze of stalls, you’ll come across stunning art, intricate jewelry, and eye-catching designs. The market is particularly known for its creative atmosphere, so there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

In West London, Portobello Road Market can’t be missed. It’s the world’s largest antique market, and its bustling Saturday event is home to more than a thousand stalls selling antiques and collectibles. While browsing, you’ll find unique gifts and art pieces that are perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your home or workspace.

London’s Market Culture and Atmosphere

London’s bustling market scene is an amazing part of the city’s culture, filled with vibrant stalls, live music, and mouthwatering food.

Take a walk down the streets of London, and you’ll see your fair share of bookstands filled with classic novels and vintage tomes. It’s like taking a trip through literary history, with never-ending shelves of bestsellers and hidden gems. You might even find some first editions or signed copies! The vibes at these markets are nothing short of magical.

Live music is another awesome part of the market experience. You don’t have to be at a concert to enjoy great tunes in London. Wander through markets like Camden Town and you’ll find talented musicians playing everything from acoustic sets to funk tunes, turning the bustling streets into an open-air stage.

At the heart of these markets is the unique and diverse culture London is known for. In every corner, you’ll find something that resonates with the city’s history and ever-evolving lifestyle. From antique books to Moroccan pottery, the variety is as vast as it is fascinating. Oh, and the people-watching is top-notch too, with a cast of friendly faces and local characters.

Additional Markets Worth Visiting

If you’re a market lover, London has plenty to offer. While there are many amazing street and outdoor markets to choose from, here are a few you shouldn’t miss.

At Maltby Street Market, you can sample some of the best artisan food in London. Located beneath the railway arches in Bermondsey, this market has a buzzing foodie atmosphere. It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays and easily accessible via Tube to Bermondsey station.

Marylebone Farmers’ Market is perfect if you fancy buying fresh, locally sourced produce. With around 40 stalls every Sunday, you’ll find everything from fruit and vegetables to baked goods and artisanal cheese. The nearest Tube station is Baker Street.

Netil Market is a hidden gem near London Fields and Broadway Market. This small but lively market features sellers offering crafts, street food, and vintage items. It’s open every Saturday, and you can get there by taking the Overground to London Fields.

By visiting one or more of these markets, you’ll experience some of the best street and outdoor shopping that London has to offer. 

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